9 Best Health Blogs For Men in America

Men’s health blogs can cover everything from diet and exercise to disease prevention, wellness, and stress management. Overall, they help you to make better decisions regarding your health and wellness.

Finding health advice is easy. However, knowing who to trust for credible, useful health advice is more difficult. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you. Here are the nine best health blogs for men in America.

Men’s Health

It’s no surprise that Men’s Health magazine makes the list of the best health blogs for men in America. They are the largest men’s magazine in the world, and it’s easy to see why. Their website is brimming with useful information on all things health-related.

Whether you’re searching for your next shoulder-sculpting workout or high-protein recipe, fashion and style advice, sex and relationship tips, or information on illness and disease, Men’s Health has it all. Read More


Talking About Men’s Health

Talking About Men’s Health is a platform to provide information and start conversations about all aspects of men’s health, lifestyle, and wellbeing. A panel of experts and healthcare providers offer educational material relating to growing up, family issues, and men’s health. Health topics cover everything from eyes to hearts to hormones to testicles.

Furthermore, you will find educational material on mental health, fatherhood, domestic violence, and more. Read More


Mark’s Daily Apple

Founded by Mark Sisson in 2006, Mark’s Daily Apple is an excellent source of information on nutrition, weight loss, and exercise, with a key focus on the paleo or primal lifestyle. The blog primarily focuses on the paleo or primal approach, and how you can benefit from incorporating this into your diet, workouts, and lifestyle.

Furthermore, you will find here a wealth of information on other topics relating to men’s health, wellbeing, and lifestyle, including mental health, hormones, illness, and injury. Read More


Davey Wavey Fitness

Creator or Davey Wavey Fitness, Davey believes that honouring your body is an extension of honouring your life. He is a certified personal trainer, and his blog focuses on nutrition, weight loss tips, and workouts.

You can also download Davey’s workout programs from the site, and ask him questions for him to answer on the site. Read More


The Turek Clinics

Dr. Paul Turek, founder of The Turek Clinics, is an internationally renowned leader in male sexual health and reproduction research and healthcare. The Turek Clinics treat male fertility problems using cutting-edge care and knowledge.

On the Turek Clinics website, you will find research-backed blog posts about a wide range of topics relating to all aspects of male fertility, and sexual health and performance.Read More


The Good Men Project

The Good Men Project covers more than just health. It takes a holistic approach to wellbeing, focusing on how to be a good man in the 21st century. It aims to leave toxic masculinity behind in favour of enlightened masculinity.

We consider it one of the best health blogs for men because as well as posts about health and wellbeing, you will find articles on gender issues, politics, and other issues of concern to the modern man. Read More


Men Alive

As you may be well aware, stress is linked to a wide range of health concerns. Men Alive addresses stress-related problems that men experience with expert insights, exercises, and advice.

You will find helpful blog posts relating to male depression, irritable male syndrome, andropause, chronic pain, improving your overall wellbeing, and useful advice on handling anger and stress. Read More


The Art of Manliness

The Art of Manliness focuses on helping men to become better, well-rounded men. There is a wide variety of health and fitness-related blog posts and podcasts, covering a range of male health concerns.

As well as health and fitness advice, you will find content relating to men’s lifestyle and interests, including career, relationships, manly skills, grooming, and fatherhood. Read More


Very Well

We round off our list of the nine best health blogs for men in America with Verywell. Verywell provides easy-to-understand information on a plethora of health, fitness, and wellness topics. The content is provided by healthcare professionals including nurses, doctors, and therapists, so we know that we can trust it.

The blog covers a wide range of different illnesses affecting men, as well as topics like ‘talking to your son about men’s health issues’, and other health advice posts. Read More

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