Gayest Cities in the USA

Gayest Cities in the USA

Whilst the majority of American citizens welcome the LGBTQ+ community, the USA is a vast and diverse country. Almost every city has a gay community to some degree; however, some cities certainly embrace the gay community more than others. 

We have run the statistics, delved into the history of various American communities, and studied gay neighborhoods and gay pride festivals and events to put together this comprehensive list of the gayest cities in the USA to help you to plan your travels accordingly. 

San Francisco, California

Thanks to a number of historical happenings, the sizeable LGBTQ+ community, and its popularity amongst queer tourists, San Francisco is usually one of the first places we think of when we consider gay American cities. 

Not to mention, it hosts one of the most notable gay pride celebrations in the states alongside a calendar of other queer events. The Castro and The Mission are two distinct gay neighborhoods that have plenty of entertainment and establishments to delight the LGBTQ residents and visitors.


Provincetown, Massachusetts 

The statistics have spoken and Provincetown has officially been named as the USA’s gayest city, based on census data regarding the number of residents who are in same-sex relationships. 

Of course, this is in no way a complete and definite measure of the number of homosexuals, however, with 163 same-sex couples per 1,000 households, it is enough for Provincetown to make the list. Furthermore, Provincetown is home to the oldest gay bar in the states and hosts a vibrant array of queer events.


New York City, New York

It’s the big apple, the city that never sleeps, and home to more gay residents than any other American city. Not to mention New York was also the location of the infamous Stonewall Riots.

Here you can discover a number of queer districts including Chelsea, Hell’s Kitchen, Prospect Heights, and Park Slope. Furthermore, New York City pride is recognized as one of the best pride events in the world.


Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles houses one of the largest gay communities on the planet, with almost 40% of West Hollywood’s residents identifying as LGBTQ+. The gay nightlife in the city of dreams is certainly what queer dreams are made of, with a dazzling array of fun gay bars. 

Los Angeles Pride is huge, and the city is also proud to host a whole range of other exciting gay events each year.


Providence, Rhode Island

A poll conducted by GayCities named Providence the gayest state capital in the USA and America’s third most laidback city for gay people. The gay nightlife is sure to impress and delight, whilst Rhode Island Pridefest arrives in providence every year in June. 

Later in the summer, you can enjoy the Rhode Island International Film Festival, and specifically the whole section exclusively dedicated to gay and lesbian movies. 


Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Fort Lauderdale is proud to be home to one of America’s largest gay communities. Wilton Manors in particular houses approximately 115 same-sex couples per 1000 households. 

LGBTQ residents and visitors to Fort Lauderdale can enjoy gay beaches, a huge gay nightlife scene, museums dedicated to the AIDS epidemic and the Stonewall riots, clothing-optional gay resorts, and a bursting calendar of huge gay events. 


Palm Springs, California

As well as its stunning landscape and tempting tourist attractions, Palm Springs is known for having the first all-LGBT government in the United States. Furthermore, the laid-back city boasts various gay establishments hosting karaoke, drag shows, and cabaret events. 

Not to mention the range of thrilling gay events, including Dinah Shore Weekend, the largest lesbian event in the world, and Cinema Diverse which celebrates the artistic accomplishments of the LGBTQ community.


Key West, Florida

We’re staying in Florida to round off our list of the gayest cities in the USA, and heading to Key West. Historically Key West was ostracised from mainland Florida and became a home for people who were considered outcasts at the time. As a result, the city is today known for being the home of some of America’s most celebrated queer artists. 

Key West is home to various gay resorts and iconic Duval Street which is flooded with around 250,000LGBTQ visitors each year, keen to enjoy the gay nightclubs and bars. The gay events are well worth attending, in particular Key West Pride and Tropical Heat. 

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