Top 20 Gayest Destinations in the USA

Travelling to a new destination isn’t just about the views, but also about the people. Isn’t it nice to visit a new place where people are hospitable and accommodating? It is about time for the LGBT community to feel comfortable in a foreign land. We collated the top 20 gayest destinations in the US where you can be yourself and where you can feel a sense of belongingness.

  1. New York, New York. There’s no surprise that New York is the number one gayest destination in the US because it is evident that everyone is welcome in this place. It isn’t just the tall buildings and stunning architecture that matters here. But you will also enjoy good food, arts, fashion and of course, amazing people! You will also find here some of the best gay bars in USA
  2. San Francisco, California.  So many people flock into the area that is known for its restaurants and food trends. Of course, we cannot forget the Golden Gate Bridge and cable cars. Bring your partner or your LGBT friends here so you can enjoy a delicious treat of seafood from crabs to shrimps! One of the best gay pride celebrations in USA happens here in San Francisco.
  3. Las Vegas, Nevada. Shopping, entertainment, and parties are everywhere in Las Vegas. There’s no doubt why this is one of the most popular destinations. Imagine going around the city with blazing colourful lights! That would be a night to remember! 
  4. Los Angeles, California. Los Angeles has so much to offer! Apart from Hollywood, there’s Echo Park, a fantastic Mediterranean climate, and great places for dining and entertainment. You can even meet some celebrities while spending the day outdoors or even at nighttime parties.
  5. Chicago, Illinois. You will love the gay beach on Lake Michigan’s edge here. But that’s not all. It has luxurious hotels and dining areas, which will definitely make your stay a lot more exciting!
  6. Palm Springs, California. Are you looking for a different experience that you won’t forget in your lifetime? You can join the White Party Weekend pool parties at the Ace Hotel. Make sure to book in advance to get a spot. You can also try out one of Palm Spring’s 30 gay guesthouses for the winter.
  7. Washington, DC. Love history? Spend your holiday here where you can see a touch of history everywhere. But if that sounds too boring, you can actually enjoy the nightlife here in bars. It has great hotels too!
  8. Ft Lauderdale, Florida. You can find prominent gay houses in one of the most steamy destinations in Southern Florida. They also host two Pride events annually. This would be the perfect time to book a luxurious hotel!
  9. Hawaii. Same-sex civil unions are legal here, which means you can see LGBT couples everywhere! It would be the perfect holiday at the beach where you can party at night in a hula skirt! 
  10. Miami, Florida. This is another destination that is perfect for beach lovers! Enjoy the sun and nightlife in Mainland Miami and  South Beach. You can go wild and have the best days of your life while having a vacation here.
  11. Boston, Massachusetts. This is the first city that approved same-sex marriage in the States. Apparently, you will feel a sense of belongingness here while enjoying a day at the park.
  12. Seattle, Washington. If you love to shop and spend time with nature, this is the best destination! It is a haven for shopping, arts, technology, and food! You can also see nearby mountains to explore when you want to exercise your legs for a long hike.
  13. San Diego, California. You will see lesbians and gay people in Hillcrest and North Park as they enjoy spending time together without anyone judging them. Those who love the heat and the sun will love it here with its 300 days of sunshine a year!
  14. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Dubbed as the City of Brotherly Love, you will be welcomed here with open arms! The artistic scenery of Philadelphia will give you a peek at its rich history. Rich architecture and culture can be seen in its cobblestoned streets and just everywhere around the place.
  15. Orlando, Florida. This place has so much to offer for you, from the Hollywood Studios to the Magic Kingdom! Also, don’t miss to join the fun in its annual Gay Days. 
  16. Napa, California. Relax with nature with good food and the best wine here. You can even take a side trip in neighbouring Sonoma.
  17. Key West, Florida. The mix of ocean and plantation will give you a perfect tropical vibe for a weekend getaway. Why not visit this place and mingle with their active LGBT community.
  18. Atlanta, Georgia. If you love nighttime parties and bar hopping, this is the perfect place for you! They also have pride restaurants and a very visible LGBT population.
  19. New Orleans, Louisiana. Unleash all your worries and stress with music, food and drink. There’s no place for any negative vibe as you enjoy your time here.
  20. Provincetown, Massachusetts.  This is the perfect place for beach lovers! It is known as the best summer beach destination for LGBT. It also has the highest proportions of same-sex couples in America.

Are you planning to travel this year? Check out the destinations above, and for sure you will get the best time of your life when you visit them.

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