There are so many blogs out there written for men so it can be hard to find ones that are worth your time. That’s why we have compiled this list of some of our favourite blogs that are dedicated to men:

  1. The Urban Gentleman

The Urban Gentleman features everything from how-to-tie-a-tie to details on celebrity style to having some of the best original style guides. As well as articles on music, cars, fitness/health tips, technology reviews, everyday lifestyle articles, and street style – it’s hard to not find something you would be interested in.

  1. The Quintessential Man

The Quintessential Man offers a holistic approach to personal growth. Its founder, Andrian, suggests that the name itself is unattainable but instead says that we, as men, should be in a constant state of betterment to become that ‘quintessential man’. Here you will find articles about self-development, social life and product reviews.

  1. The Art of Manliness

The Art of Manliness calls themselves ‘a one-stop resource for actionable advice that covers every aspect of a man’s life’. They provide this resource through weekly articles and podcast tackling subjects from the philosophical and serious to the practical and fun. Their mission is for men to not only read and listen to their content but also apply their learnings to their every day lives.

  1. The Good Men Project

The Good Men Projected, started in 2009 by Tom Matlack, as a way for men to share the defining moments in their lives. They explore the world of men and manhood in a way that no media company ever has, tackling the issues and questions that are most relevant to men’s lives. They describe themselves as shying away from nothing, writing about fatherhood, family, sex, ethics, war, gender, politics, sports and aging so you are sure to find something interesting to read here.

  1. Man of Many

Founded in Sydney in 2012, Man of Many, is your destination for uncovering the latest products, culture and style. They share articles about every facet of man’s life from entertainment to lifestyle to cars and fashion. Sharing about 50 posts a week there is always something new to read and you are sure to find something you are interested in with their vast array of articles.

There is so much to choose from out there when you’re looking to be entertained so check some of these blogs out and let us know if they become your new go-to for your daily dose of entertainment.

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