10 Ways to make your workplace LGBTQ Friendly

10 Ways to make your workplace LGBTQ Friendly

We all want to feel valued, appreciated, and safe in our working environment. 

Looking forward to going to work and being productive and happy is so important for our mental health. People perform much better when they can be themselves. 

There are groups in society that do not have this luxury. They experience gender discrimination. Working for them is a scary place. Many have to tolerate bullying and have huge amounts of stress due to their choice of identity. 

Having an inclusive LGBTQ friendly workplace increases productivity enhances the business’ reputation and can provide products and services for the diverse community it serves.

Is your business a friendly workplace? If not, read on to find out how to contribute to making your business transgender friendly.

Here are 10 actions YOU can take as a business owner or employee to steer your business towards being on the gay friendly companies list.

  1. Create clear policies
    Policies for all aspects of business operations need to be inclusive; starting with the advertising for and hiring of team members. Look at current policies and make sure the language used does not leave anyone out.
  2. Include equal benefits for everyone
    Ensure the benefits such as pensions, family and leave policies, as well as health insurance, are fully inclusive of LGBTQ employees.
  3. Ensure there are equal opportunities
    Managers must make it clear that every worker’s rights are important to them. Everyone must be given the same chances of advancement determined by their ability.
  4. Ask for Workplace Training
    Knowledge about the various gender terms will help with understanding that everyone is different. Education on language that is non-homophoic helps employees feel comfortable communicating with each other. Discussions with colleagues will help as they share LGBTQ issues they have experienced. The unknown is fearful and can lead to unconscious gender bias.
  5. Organise LGBTQ Support Events
    These are helpful for increasing awareness of diversity and allow workers to be their authentic selves. Network with LGBTQ community events or create forums in your workplace for sharing ideas, issues and difficulties LGBTQ individuals are facing. By getting to know each other managers, LGBTQ individuals and their colleagues can interact together – creating a level of comfort and a sharing of ideas and innovations to create a healthy business ethic.
  6. Speak to your employees
    Discussing what inclusion looks like in your organisation will help everyone share your vision. Inclusion starts with management sending a positive message of acceptance through the workplace.
  7. Be Adaptable
    The struggle for workplace equality continues and so LGBTQ policies will evolve to include what works and what does not. New changes in adding pronouns to email signatures can clarify how you would like to be addressed. It also can let others know you are aware of and respectful of everyone.
  8. Reward all workers involved in collaborating towards harmony
    This will increase worker confidence that their efforts at accepting diversity and inclusivity are appreciated.
  9. Create a comfortable sharing environment
    Get to know the people you work with for easy sharing of each other’s issues.
  10. Have Pride in Diversity and Speak Up
    Let your business be known for its diversity and inclusive policies. This will attract the best and brightest talent. Your business or your workplace will then provide products and services reflective of the diversity in your customers in the area where your business operates.

Companies that can make LGBTQ employees feel welcome, will go a long way in receiving public acceptance.  Your customers are diverse too. By associating with other gender inclusive companies and exchanging ideas, you will be reviewed as being transgender friendly

You will also gain loyal employees and customers – research has shown that more products will be purchased from these companies even if it is inconvenient to do so. Having LGBTQ inclusive workplaces leads to LBGTQ friendly brands, providing all with a fair chance at work opportunities.

Start to take action today with at least one of these actions in your business, or if you are an employee – speak up and make a difference. Think of it as the right thing to do.

Workplaces actually benefit from including all sections of the population in their workplaces. More ideas and innovations are made possible with a diverse workforce. With a growth mindset and a real commitment to 

These are vital to have the groundwork on which to build a diversified team that can be productive and contribute to the business’

Having a growth mindset ambition and a real commitment to becoming a truly inclusive


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